A Bridge Too Far

03_hancocks_water_emerging_from_temporary_culvertAt long last, the temporary haul road bridging the stream known as Hancock’s Water has finally been removed. It had been erected to give access to a work-site to expand the Flood Storage Area at the bottom of Brynard’s Hill, but ironically it became a source of flooding because the culvert beneath it was far too small.

It was needed for about a fortnight in June 2015, and in the words of the applicant, “The proposed works are temporary and will have negligible effect on the environment. Once the works are complete, the site will be carefully returned to its pre-developed state.”

In spite of this pledge, the blockage over Hancock’s Water remained for months on end. It had been in place for at least thirty times as long as it was needed.

The contractors moved in on Monday, and this morning I found that the water channel has now been cleared to reveal a waterfall. It’s also revealed that the lining of the channel has been affected on several occasions over the last year and a half when storm water has caused scouring.


Still, we have been promised  that  “the site will be carefully returned to its pre-developed state.” With a bit of tender loving care, it might even be turned into a thing of beauty – a water feature for Woodshaw Meadows.



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