Choreographed Perfection

Since I last mentioned the murmurations around our town, a far more disciplined army of starlings appeared on TV news. They have a large beach on which to gather – the Blackpool Murmurations.

Our starlings clearly needed to pull their socks up. Whether they employed a choreographer or not, 10 days later our starlings are far more tightly packed. Their routines are more compact and quick-changing. Are there any more birds than before? It’s difficult to say. There were huge numbers when we’d gathered at Stoneover Lane roundabout, but they were dispersed in several groups around the town. They still are – but the concentrations at the roundabout have much increased. So have the numbers of ‘twitchers’. This evening, cars were abandoned half-on the pavements as their occupants gathered around the junction, cameras and binoculars at the ready in the half-light.


Above the houses to the west, the starlings created complex mathematical shapes – but which one was leading the charge?


Re-grouping within seconds, they spelt out yet more shapes. All of these photos were snapped within less than half a minute.


What’s the cost to the locals? Lost sleep, perhaps; Bird_Strikedeciding to leave the cars dirty as seen here, or increase the frequency of car washes?

A friend of mine lives a few doors from this spectacle, and he’s put off washing until the starlings disband. There’s no hint that this will happen soon, though:


Marks out of ten from the dance judges?



One comment

  1. Amazing photos, Steve. I remember at one office I worked in in Hereford some people wanted to chop down the trees in the car park to stop the Starlings dirtying their cars. I started a counter-campaign: “SOS” Save our Starlings! It worked, although whether this was just down to the council’s inertia I never found out.

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